she's got issues

And I also do.
Daily loosely connected to blogging issues that should be taken care of asap:
1. I have to post more often. And the deal is not taking pics more often, it's literally POSTING more often because I've got a lot of photos waiting in the line so I end up posting an outfit I wore 3 weeks ago, before re-dying my hair for example, so I feel like it an version of me before some update or anything. God.
2. Even though I'm used to ironing stuff with the power of will, it may or may not be enough sometimes. And I won't photoshop folds on this dress just because that's not what I do.

I guess that's it for that part of issues. I've got quite a lot of others but that's not a thing for today, duh.

So let's get back to the outfit, shall we? Well, apart from a dress in a color I called "light mushroom" I wore grey tights (and guys, guys, this is really an accomplishment as everytime someone is at the shop, my mum, dad, whatsoever, those particular tights are mistaken for blacks, so that's how I ended up with a thousands of those) two holy necklaces, some random rings and Docs.

See you soon, babes! And as realreal school is practically over I'll be up to a lot of shooting I guess. Because, belive my or not, I feel my love for color coming back and living in a harmony with a freshly developed passion for black and industrial stuff. But I'm going to talk about it soon. Shhhh.

pics by bentesikyme.deviantart.com

dress - thrifted
shoes - Dr Martens

I'm seeing this girl and she just might be out of her mind
Well she's got baggage and it's all the emotional kind
She talks about closure and that validation bit
I don't mean to be insensitive, but I really hate that shit


fear of the dark

So I was gone for a while. But as I came back from Paris today, and before the departure I was really a mess with a loooot of things to do I couldn't find time to post pics I we took like 2 week ago. Well, so today is the day and here I am, with black set ft. my Buffalo boots and the perfect place to shoot, which is so big you're definitely seeing it again.
Even though I came home in the before the noon, went straight to bed and slept for 7 hours I'm still so tired (what is not surprising considering that each night on the trip was like 3-5 hours, then whole day walking around, visiting places and stuff and as a cherry on the top a night at the bus, where I decided to check if sleeping on the floor is ok). So stay tuned as I'm about to post some travel report and a bunch of other things also.
I have to focus way too hard to create a logical sentence. Night!

pics by http://bentesikyme.deviantart.com/

leggings - H&M
tunic - chicnova
shoes - Buffalo (thrifted)
Ankh necklace - New Look
I am a man who walks alone 
And when I'm walking a dark road 
At night or strolling through the park 

When the light begins to change 
I sometimes feel a little strange 
A little anxious when it's dark 


the trick is to keep breathing

My socks are different lenght on those photos and this is really bothering that little part of me that definitely has OCD. Even though I live my life surrounded by artistic mess (at least I call it like that) I still got some random attacks of "no I am so not done yet it can be better".
Some retro pics today, with a dress that totally won my heart. It's bottle green. It's crushed velvet. It's both body concious and a bit flared. So basically a 21th century version of Scarlett O'Hara's one. And of course it's from a second hand. Here it is with silver leggings, black Dr Martens sandals and black floral crown.

When I'm looking at all those pics that are waiting in the line, thinking about the outfits I'd like to wear and those I already wore - my style is really random. I love it, it's much more fun that it would be to always choose the same way.

pics by bentesikyme.deviantart.com

dress - thrifted
shoes - Dr Martens
floral crown - Glitter

She's not the kind of girl
Who likes to tell the world
About the way she feels about herself