red flags and long nights

Some time ago I went with my friend to Cracow for a weekend, to visit her future Uni's for open days. We actually spent like half of an hour at the Uni itself, got all the information we could, laughed at one extremaly self centered student that kept walking around while stating that "basically all languagues are really easy" and then we became the city explorers. We went to see an exhibition about fashion in PRL that was being held in the National Museum, it was so great that I felt just overwhelmed with all the amazing designs. We also got to the Museum of Modern Art because we saw an ad about Andy Warhol themed display, so we had to go because I become pretty much unresponsive out of excitment every single time something Andy-related comes by, but it was rather dissapointing. Still worth it, as modern art is often a bunch ludicrous arty things, and maybe few actually good ones, so at least there's something to laugh about. Plus I tripped over one exhibit and I spent some time giggling at myself because of that.
This is the outfit from this very adventurous day, consisting of black layers mostly, as it was meant to be both fancy&comfortable; it did pretty well. My favourite thing is the flowery blazer that I bought this summer, labeled as a beachwear, but who cares; and it goes perfectly with the necklace I brought home from Spain few years ago. They're practically reunited clothing soulmates.

at least until the price becomes too high


bath salts | 180316

 all I saw was the devil's soul
and it looked a hell of a lot like my own
lately it's been getting harder to sleep 

hey, I'm feeling OK, it's good
cause lately I been feeling so strange



So I discovered that studying actually can consume 90% of the time at that's the reason I don't blog about my clothes as much as I used to - I barely wear anything but like, leggings and hoodie at home.
And I am mostly at home lately.
But sometimes I still manage to crawl out of my room, put some fancy shit on and make my photographer bff crawl out of her room - what gets tougher when you think about coordinating stuff, and when we finally do our best to leave the caves it's raining. Or at least those pictures are the case when it was, in fact, raining; but not full blown flood kinda thing, more like the sneaky drizzle drops when you pretend it's ok and then you look at your hair and realize that nothing is ok and your life is a goddamn path of misery and regret.
And also your hair is wet.
This time I went as hippie as it gets outside of Coachella and I wore them flared trousers. I had a pair when I was like 11 and then I hated it but hey, here we are, reunited. I mean, did anyone look decent when they were 11? And that's not even the age when you start to think about your appearence, that's The Golden Age of blouses that your mom got you and those weird sneakers that seemed cool and funky back then but thinking about it now makes you cringe so hard.
 Or it was like that when I was a kiddo, ya know, good ol' days. 
I also torn those trousers on the knees later that day because I apparently can't walk. What's funny is that I did that while going to grab a beer, and not after. Ah the struggle.
So I'm back to the geography thug lifestyle I lately acquired. You know shit gets too real when you're like "oh my, today's gonna be fun, I got my highlighters and I get to learn about cows in the world today. I'm basically blessed".

pics by
This is gooold
America's greatest living poet
Was ogling you all night
You should be wearing the finest gown