Rose. Rabbit. Lie. - Vintage Nostalgia part 1 | light up

I feel like space and time shouldn't obey so many rules; I'd love to change everything around me from 21th century to all the other ages and just go with the flow of the era. Think you already know I'm going somewhere with this idea - and you're right.
When I was invited to take part in a Vintage Style Challange organized by Vegas.com and asked to create a look for a  Rose. Rabbit. Lie. party in the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas resort during the fabulous roaring 20's I was more than thrilled. Dressing up is cool, and with theme such as glamour as this one? I decided to give it a shot and here I present you the first part of my oldschool adventure, kept in black&white - I just had so many pics that I decided to divide them in two posts.
So in today's one we can see a nonchalant flapper, waiting for a party to start, showing off and puffing the smoke (cigarette holder is a must!). Of course we also had a crowd of backstage helpers aka the "can I get you a drink" handsome boys in suits. And I may have imagined that part but still, that'd would be fun.
Take a look and stay tuned, cause the story isn't over yet!



This is the scene in which I come back home on Friday, horribly tired after the whole week and last weekend and the week before that and the list goes on and on, and I'm glad I can finally sit and do some work. And it seems so absurd I'm about to cry.
Sometimes I feel like I'm not doing anything, and then I reconsider it and actually realize that I go to school (and study, that's not so obvious), I work, I go to drawing classes, I run this place and I'm doing my best to still have something like social life; the last one might not be going some well only because of my "i fucking hate y'all and the last thing i want to do today is talk to you" and "idk like i don't really want to do anything people do but i still want to socialize somehow" attitude. But that's not my fault I guess. I wouldn't be like that if it wasn't for stuff.

I felt a bit like going back into my really wicked style wibes, as lately the morning standard was "black goes with black and shut the fuck up". I mean, I have a mirrror, I really don't need to be reminded of colors you know. 
Oh how black your outfit is today! 
Oh thanks I had literally no fucking clue!

But I still have enough power to dress up at times so look at me, with shoes bigger than myself and a shiny thing I glued to my face because why wouldn't I. And a hairdo of a kindergarten queen.
I am so fab. (donatella!)

everything is thrifted I guess, and the shoes are Buffalo. and thrifted as well.

i need to heal the way you make me feel
heal me