get away

Woah, so it looks like it took me more than 2 weeks to get that post done. And I'm pretty sure I only found a moment to succeed because I'm sick. I just hope I'll get better for Halloween. For fuck's sake, you know, Halloween.
So now those pics made me realize how the weather has changed lately. Like I was wearing fishnets, okay, without any sheer shit underneath and if I recall it pretty well it even got kind of hot? is it possible? and there was definitely no need to pull out a blazer from my bag. Now it's more like "I hope 3 sweaters will be enough inside the building"
I spent the whole last weekend at concerts and it was all fucking fantasitic; and it was that kind of gig that causes numerous bruises, reccuring pain while trying to... just do things, you know. Putting a jacket on or anything. What was I saying? Worth it. 
The look is a mix of two tendencies that are kind of relevant in my preferences lately; all rattling, shimmering gypsy colors and patterns along with black uniform. That's my thang.
As well as black only, colors only and everything. I've got a lot of those. ThIngs. 

pics by http://bentesikyme.deviantart.com/

shoes - vintage
hat, dress (as a skirt) - H&M
shirt - thrifted
socks - Topshop
fishnets - Calzedonia

You twist your pretty face 
As you cry your evil eyes out 
I keep crying your name, cut off from me 
Get away from me 
Your skin and bone, believe me, leave me 


twoja generacja

Jak ja nienawidzę Twojej generacji
Zwykła nienawiść dymi wam z dyni
Młodzi policjanci, młodzi kibice
Kretyni kontra kretyni


fire water burn | no.

just don't throw them in there ok

100814 Kvisvik Norway

but if I go to hell 
well then I hope I burn well